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Seminar: "Space Industry Status and Challenges for Space Development"

On May 10th, we had the opportunity to attend the seminar "Current State of Space Industry and Challenges for Space Development" in Gangnam, Seoul.

The seminar brought together experts from various fields, including policy, investment, media, legal, and engineering, to discuss the latest trends in the industry.

This seminar provided us with valuable insights into the current state of the space industry and the challenges it faces.

  • Park Si-soo, SpaceNews Asia correspondent and CEO of SpaceRadar, shared insights on the growing space economy and trends in major countries.

  • Seo Byung-soo, a former analyst at Mirae Asset Global Investments, provided information on investment opportunities and environmental changes in the Korean space industry.

  • Ahn Hyung-jun, a research fellow at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Policy, presented the national space development plan and the space economy in Korea.

  • Yang Jae-seok, a partner lawyer at the law firm D'Light, discussed the regulatory status of the space industry.

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