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Policy: National basic plan for preparing against dangers in space Subcommittee meeting

We are delighted to share that we had the opportunity to attend the subcommittee meeting for the "2nd National basic plan for preparing against dangers in space" (Korean: 제 2차 우주위험대비 기본계획 분과위원회의)

  • This meeting provided a valuable platform for experts in space hazard and space traffic management to come together, discuss the nation's future plans, and share their perspectives.

  • The working group meeting focused on key aspects such as defining space hazards, space security, and space traffic management.

  • Representatives from private space industry players UZURO, KTsat, Hanhwa, and LIGNEex1 expressed confidence in private sector participation in Space Traffic Management (STM) and Space Situational Awareness (SSA).

  • The Ministry of Science and ICT acknowledged these opinions, emphasizing their understanding of international trends and their commitment to actively incorporating private sector participation and industrialization in the upcoming 2nd Basic Plan.

  • UZURO Tech. has been appointed as a member of the 2nd Subcommittee, and we will continue to contribute our expertise to enhance space hazard preparedness and space traffic management in South Korea.

Stay tuned for more updates on our efforts in space traffic management as we work towards a safer and sustainable future in the space industry.

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