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The path to Space, UZURO

Sustainable Space Development

We are providing self disposal devices for satellites to make a cleaner space environment.
Manage your satellites to deal with the future state of space regulation.

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Airplane Wing

Our Products

Space propulsion system and Nanosatellite de-orbiting device.

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Space Propulsion System

Monopropellant engine is used for de-orbit and orbit transfer. By using safe and eco-friendly fuel, our product it is much easier to handle than any other products.

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High performance catalyst

A highly active catalyst for the aerospace industry. Novel metal/cost-effective catalyst for monopropellant solutions.


Cansat Education
For Students

UZURO Tech produces simple CANSAT for education of young students. This CANSAT provides features such as: wireless communication; gyrosensing; and more.

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08588. #803 Hanwha Bizmetro 2nd Bldg,
43-14, Gasan digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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